Number of Invoice and year

Hello, I need to create the invoice number by adding the reference year. Example 2015/00001.
The reference year is required for the numbering of invoices in Italy.
I want to know if management Advanced OpenSales addition to the initial number I can add a variable “year” in order to have the number in the format that I wrote. Or you must make a change the code?
Then I want to know if the new year the invoice number starts from 1 or I have to do something to start again numbering.
Thanks for the support

You will need to make code customisations to generate a number like that.

Hi Will, thanks for the reply. Can you tell me how to make this change?
Instead, to resume numbering from n. 1 at the beginning of each new year as you proceed?
Thanks for the support

Does anyone know how to do?
Thank you