... Now, modules are in doublon...in flex fields!! 7.1

What’s happen with this version 7.1? All this for Facebook and Twitter? This is a joke!!

SuiteCRM is partially broken, a lot of doublon in flexfields… For the 2 module account i have, the values of the fields have 2 different names!!! And it is only an example (look in my attached pic).

Upgrade from 7.01 to 7.1 create a lot of lbl_ and they were already existing…

Modules Quotes does not exist in outbound emails…
Impossible to send correct template, people are only receiving $aos… fields even if the right fields are wrote in the template. Case creation template are not going… same problem, no polulating.

Now, start to have fatal errors in sugarlog with date.timezone who whants I set it on Europe/Berlin in php.ini… but i’m in Paris! Even if i change in php.ini… it does not matter! SiuteCRM continue to diplay the same errors.

Sorry, i know it is a lot in the same time…but am i alone in this situation? A solution? Please, help meeeeeee :angry:

Hi there,

You should always ensure you backup before upgrading. Facebook and Twitter work correctly, you just need to set it up as described here.

In terms of your errors, ensure you always set the correct permissions and perform a Quick Repair & Rebuild after upgrading.

We would recommend upgrading to SuiteCRM 7.1.1, if you have not done so already.