Notification on assignments isn't working

I’ve got notification on assignments enabled both in the admin -> email settings and in my user profile, my email address is configured, and my email server is configured. The test email works fine, workflow emails work, but assignment emails aren’t happening at all, nor are reminder emails for contracts. Further, when a reminder is configured in a contract and I view the logged call that’s created, it shows ‘popup 1 minute prior’ and email is not checked. The default “popup” setting in my profile is 30 minutes, not 1 minute, so it seems something is very broken.

I’ve tried a quick repair and rebuild but that doesn’t solve the issue.

I am using 7.8.3

A bit of experimentation and I discovered that if I try to add a reminder to a call created by the contracts module, it complaints that there are no invitees. Indeed it does not add the contract manager as an invitee.

Dunno if the lack of assignment emails and the lack of reminder emails are related, but together they sure are a bummer.


if you go into Admin/Schedulers and click on “Run Email Reminder Notifications”, what does it say? Did it run correctly? Did it happen recently (and does the timezone appear correct)?

You can also look for something in the logs (suitecrm.log and php_errors.log).

Hi, thanks that turned up a few issues, I was running the cron job as root instead of the web user, so I fixed that, then I noticed that php_errors wasn’t enabled so I fixed that and discovered the timezone was wrong in the .ini, so I fixed that.

Now I see

PHP Notice: Undefined index: LBL_POLLMONITOREDINBOXESCUSTOMAOP in /var/www/suitecrm/modules/Schedulers/Scheduler.php on line 1062

Every time it runs. Scheduler screen says it’s running successfully, shows “last successful run” every minute, however emails are not being sent. Not for notifications and not for auto-created reminders such as from a contract.

If I create a calendar entry or call and create a reminder manually by adding invitees and adding a reminder, that email gets sent. This problem only seems to effect calls created automatically by the contracts module, and I think it has something to do with the fact that it isn’t adding invitees to the call. Shouldn’t it be adding the contract manager to the call?

Someone pointed out that running cron.php as root was causing my need to do ‘chown www-data:www-data’ on the suitecrm folder periodically, so now that I’ve fixed the cron user I did another chown and another repair, now when I create a contract I see the following error in php_errors:

Undefined property: AOS_Contracts::$call_id in /var/www/suitecrm/modules/AOS_Contracts/AOS_Contracts.php on line 118

I still don’t see any invitees being added to the call that is created. Reminders are not sending for calls created by the contracts module, they are sending if invitees are added manually to calls.

That “someone” was me :slight_smile:

After fixing that cron issue, you need to fix your permissions one last time by running this from the command-line from your SuiteCRM root directory (maybe it’s /var/www/html, or something similar):

sudo chown -R www-data:www-data .
sudo chmod -R 755 .
sudo chmod -R 775 cache custom modules themes data upload config_override.php 

Then run a Quick Repair and Rebuild, and then let us know if you still run into problems.

I sincerely appreciate your guidance, I’ve been dealing with permissions issues for months and I didn’t understand why, I bet this will solve a number of issues. Notifications on assignments is working now, for example.

Reminders are still not working right, but that is sort of a different issue so I will create a different thread. I think the invitees thing is the problem there.

oops I spoke too soon, assignment notifications are not actually working, I got the email late notifying me of an update to this thread and I thought it was an assignment notification. Derp… 4 hours of sleep >.<

Some people have been afflicted with SMTP connect errors. Test emails sometimes work, but then other emails don’t.

Try other situations that send emails in your system to see if the problem is more general.

But if this is the case you should have something in your logs. You can increase log level to debug in Admin / System settings.

One more question: is the timezone for your cron jobs set correctly? It is set in a separate php.ini. You can see that by checking Admin / Schedulers and seeing if the “last run time” of the most frequent cron jobs have times that look right to you (i.e. are in your timezone). This would affect any notifications based on time (like meetings).

Everything indicates that email is working, I can send emails from the email interface for example. But notifications and reminders are not even attempting connections to my mail server.

But only the auto-created call, and notifications on assignments, are failing. If I go into the auto-created call and add an invitee and set a reminder manually, it sends the email on schedule.

timezones are correct.

Can you try debugging? I mean, if that’s not out of your league, you could try stepping through the code and seeing exactly where it’s failing.

If it’s not local, you would need to setup XDEGUB and and IDE like Storm, Eclipse or the free Microsoft Visual Studio (with PHP extension).

I tried, it’s out of my league. There’s a lot of SQL where I have no idea what’s going on and I don’t have time to learn everything about how SuiteCRM operates just to debug this issue :confused:

Ok, fair enough.

I don’t know any more advice that I can put together on a Sunday night, but I remember some threads here in the forums about Assignment emails not sending, I just don’t remember exactly what solved the issue… maybe Google can help you find your way to those threads…

Good luck!