Notification emails don't show hyperlink

Hi everyone,

I am having trouble with the URL that sould be in the body of the notification emails. When assigning a report, task, account, etc. to a user, an email is sent to that user but the hyperlink corresponding to the report, task, account, etc. is not shown.

I am using the 7.9.8 version (Sugar Version 6.5.25, Build 344) and Outlook 2007 as mailing software.

The message displayed in the notification email is:
“USER” ha asignado algún objeto de tipo Reportes a Marco Gonzalez Prieto. Puede examinar este objeto de tipo Reportes en:
In english I guess it would be something like: “USER” has assigned a Report type object to Marco Gonzalez Prieto. You can examine this Report type object in:

Did someone have the same issue and knows how to solve it?

Thanks a lot in advance,
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Hi, check if you configured site_url and host_name correctly when installing. See inside your config.php

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I checked both configurations and they are correct. Do you think it could be something else?

Thanks again!

The formation of those URL’s was changed about a year ago. I suspect that you have a Spanish customized version and didn’t make those changes.

You can confirm this by trying it without a language pack (hhmmm I not sure if this can be done simply by logging in some user in English, or if you have to change some system locale somewhere).

This is how it should look:

Please confirm if you have any custom/include/language file overriding that, and how the URL is made there.