NOTICE: [8] Undefined property:


I am getting the below mentioned error when I try to import to my custom module -

NOTICE: [8] Undefined property: Can12_Candidates::$date_of_birth_c on line 20 in file "

The import is getting through even though I am getting the above mentioned error. However, I am unable to import more than a 100 records at a time, that is each file contains 100 rows with the contact data. Anything above a 100 it fails.

Another issue that I find during import, The last stage where we can choose the fields to identify duplicates is coming up empty, even though I have a few fields marked to cross check duplicates in the studio.

I am not a developer, hence unable to understand the errors. Please advice.


Friend, did you find the reason for the above notification??? Because I’m also getting the same message. Please let me know if you already find the reason.