Notes Subpanel not showing on Contacts Module??

Scratching my head at this one. On the Contacts Module I can not see the Notes Subpanel. I can see it in the Main Menu, I can see it on other Modules. I can add a note to a contact from the Notes module.

I’ve checked all the settings and relationships that I can think of and everything looks fine.

Any ideas on how I can get the Notes Subpanel back (or added to) the Contacts module??

we are using suite 7.1.6

I think that you should see the notes related to a contact in its History Subpanel

I can only see the notes that I put into the History section there. If I go into the Notes module and link a note to a contact I can’t see those anywhere other than the Notes Module.
I would like to figure out how to get both to display on the Contacts Module.

I tried to create a note from the Notes module and in the contact field I picked one specific contact.
(When I selected the contact I did not do it from the Related to field. Instead I clicked on the diagonal arrow of the Contact field and chose the actual contact from the popup that appeared)

After saving I navigated to that contact from the contacts module and the note is there in the History subpanel.

I found that as well but still would like the actual Notes subpanel to show up.

I am having the same issue… I want to be able to see notes attached to a contact. I uploaded them via an automated tool and whilst i can see in History that I added a note I would like to have a subpanel with all notes for the Contact.

I am having the same issue in 2022. Has this been resolved?

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Hi Everyone,
If you want subpanel of related module then create relationship between them like Manay to Many or One to Many.
Go to Admin/studio/yourmodule/relationship/create new relationship that relationship show the you easily add your mapped Accountsname,Leads,Contacts.