Notes main list view - how do I sort by "Related To" field?

SuiteCRM 7.9.6 hosted on 1and1 shared hosting environment. Mysql 5.5, PHP 7.0

In the “Notes” main list view (the default one if you select “Notes” from the drop down menu) There are 6 fields for information on each note:

  • Subject
  • Contact
  • Related To
  • Attachment
  • Created By
  • Date Created

All apart from “Related To” have an ascending / descending sort control by their names. I’d like to sort by “Related To” for some specific views. Does anyone know why the sort function isn’t available on that field? Or how I can make it sort just like the other fields?

This would be the way to try it, I suppose:

But it seems it doesn’t work in SugarCRM, and it’s likely the same in SuiteCRM…