Notes custom field not creating

On my Development box, I added a custom field in the Notes module using Studio.
Ran Quick Repair and Rebuild and newly added field shows up in the Studio Notes field list as well as a new notes_cstm table was created.

In Studio, I exported Notes module and uploaded using the Module Loader to my demo box. Installed the Notes customization and ran Quick Repair and Rebuild. Nothing in the Notes fields and the notes_cstm table is not created.

Am I overlooking something here?


Maybe someone can let me know if this is the right way to handle this.
I recalled having some issue like this at one time.

I searched the fields_meta_data table for custom_mode = 'Notes" and found my field.

INSERT INTO `fields_meta_data` (`id`, `name`, `vname`, `comments`, `help`, `custom_module`, `type`, `len`, `required`, `default_value`, `date_modified`, `deleted`, `audited`, `massupdate`, `duplicate_merge`, `reportable`, `importable`, `ext1`, `ext2`, `ext3`, `ext4`) VALUES
('Notesexternalid_c', 'externalid_c', 'LBL_EXTERNALID', NULL, NULL, 'Notes', 'varchar', 32, 0, NULL, '2022-11-09 20:40:01', 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 'false', NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL);

I exported that line and added it to my demo box database and re-ran the Quick Repair and Rebuild.
My Notes_cstm table now shows and field exists.

Any comments?

In the QR&R, did you scroll down to the bottom to see if there is an SQL query proposed to run?

Yep did that. Do you have any idea why the field might not have been created? Does it have anything to do with the Notes table or could this be a possible bug/glitch?

I’d say it’s probably a bug… I don’t usually package any modules so I’m not familiar with these processes…

What I have been doing is this:

  1. Develop on my dev box.
  2. Export individual packages I have customized. (Accounts, Notes, Contacts, Cases etc).
  3. I run a script to modify the manifest.php to add any of my customized files into the Package Zip file.
  4. Upload the package file to my Demo and/or Production boxes.
  5. Then install them.
  6. Run Repair and Rebuild.

If I have updates, I go through the same process but I uninstall the package first without removing tables and then install the newer package file.

I have read posts that say just to copy the custom folder over to the other system but I prefer a clean cut. Not sure it matters.



I’ve been doing mostly add-ons and I create the Module loader file and the manifest. But I guess that’s a but different from publishing custom modules and custom fields etc which involve changes to the DB.