Note Module

Hi, I intend to add an additional Note module to SuiteCRM version 7.9.4, if there any ready Note module to use for this purpose or can I clone the existing module and install it thru Module Loader?

The note module is based on the File Template. So you could use module builder instead to create a file module. The you can export it and load that into module loader. Or simply deploy it instead.

Hi, thank you very much for your reply and i more i play with SuiteCRM, the more I love it, especially for someone like one who has no knowledge in programming.

For this i must ask for your help to show me the steps to do as you mentioned, appreciate you help in advance.

The following video by james palmisano will show you how to create a module using suitecrm:

The only difference here is that you need to select file type instead of basic. The rest of his tutorial is pretty much the same.

Also he has a 22 part series on suitecrm:

admin > module builder

Create a new package - name it


Add new module = based on module type = “File”

Name it

Tick the box that says “importing” this allows you to import into the module - you cannot change this back so ticking makes sense

When you click save it will add the module to the package on the left hand side (folder structure)

Inside module builder you can add fields, change layouts to your module like in studio

Once you have the fields and layouts mapped out click save on module, save on the package

I advise a backup is taken of the SuiteCRM instance or using a dev instance before deploying any new modules
(speaking from experience of system crashing with 70 active users)

Once ready click deploy

Give it a few seconds to deploy

Go admin > repair

  • quick repair and rebuild
  • rebuild relationships
  • rebuild roles

These are the 3 repairs we always run after deploy

Hope this helps

I have watched the video, followed the steps and built the module, but is there a way to copy the exact relationship from the Note as well?

Secondly, since Note is File, may I know type, what about the type for Meeting, Task and Event?

Thanks a lot.


i cloned the file module and deployed it

im actually need only the name line, nothing more
and i want to make it as a TextArea

in what file i need to do the change ?