Not able to see theme and other links

Hi ,

It’s is a problem which is hard to describe, I can get the login screen and can log in as well but, I am not able to see any theme or function further. Can Anyone has this type experience before or if someone can suggest me the get out way from this problem would be my day maker.

You’re having problem with file and folder permissions, did you follow the installation guide?

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As mike said, it is issue of permission.

Please set the following permissions on your SuiteCRM instance:

sudo chmod -R 755 .

sudo chmod -R 775 cache custom modules themes data upload config_override.php

It should fix your issue.

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Hi Mike and urdhva,

Thanks for your advice, But when I set permission to following files than I was not able to fix it but when I used

sudo chmod -R 755 suitecrm. it works but I am worry about security of CRM. is it safe to give 755 permission to all files. ???


You may find more information about this here

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Thanks Urdhva

Hi guys,

Thanks for your help,

That was not the permission problem. I used ubuntu 16 and when I installed PHP the version was 7.0 something but for suite i need version 5 something. And when I degrade PHP version. The problem was fixed. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

I just want to comment that I’m running on Ubuntu 16 with PHP 7 and I don’t have any problems. You should have looked into the logs to see specifically what was breaking, and you could have fixed that instead. Then you would have a faster, more secure PHP on your system.

After all, PHP 7 is supported officially in the latest versions of SuiteCRM.

Thanks pgr,

But I did not upgrade to new version. And I am using 2-year-old version of the suite. Which is fulfilling our requirement that is why we don’t feel any requirement of updating. That is why, my instance require old ver. of PHP. I think, If, I am still wrong, Please correct me. Thanks.

Kind Regards

Ok, I see.

Just try to plan for an upgrade, a two year old version is full of corrected bugs, and mainly, security holes. You’re also missing out on some cool features.

If you can get a nice testing environment it always help feel more confident about upgrades. For example, if you clone your server into a Virtual Machine you can then play without without fear of causing troubles for your users.

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Thanks pgr,

I will try as soon as possible.