Not able to loggin into SuiteCRM v 7.2.2 - .htaccess

Hi everyone,

I cannot loggin into SuiteCRM and need [color=#880000]urgent help.[/color]

Installation on Arvixe Hosting
SuiteCRM version 7.2.2
Apache Version 2.2.27
PHP Version 5.4.43
MySQL Version 5.5.44-37.3
Architecture x86_64
Operating Systemlinux

Problem: sudently the welcome page from suitecrm did not load, instead I got the “page not found” page from the wordpress site which is in another subfolder of the hosting.

Error messages from erro_log:
[23-Aug-2015 14:13:12] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/ducitgt/public_html/suitecrm/include/phpmailer/class.phpmailer.php on line 1910

Error from suitecrm.log
Wed Aug 19 14:32:59 2015 [3514][-none-][FATAL] Unable to retrieve system settings Query Failed: SELECT category, name, value FROM config: MySQL error 1286: Unknown storage engine ‘InnoDB’

Troubleshooting: after trying a temporary rename of the .htaccess file inside the suitecrm folder the welcome page loads but after trying to loggin the page stays blank

Any ideas what I could do? I would really appreciate prompt help.

Hi everyone, in case anybody has the conflict here are the steps I followed to solve it.

For now I just hope it does not happen again because I do not know the source of the issue.

  1. Rename .htaccess from wordpress in the root directory
  2. Loggin into domain/wp-admin and save permalinks to generate new .htaccess for Wordpress
  3. Rename .htaccess from suitecrm directory
  4. go to domain/suitecrm
  5. eureka! I am in!
  6. Run Repair and Rebuild from Admin
  7. Generate new .htaccess file from Admin