Not able to install 8.2.2 with window xampp

After extract the folder run the public folder it seems -This site can’t be reached. also display a message in console-

I had a similar problem installing it in a Siteground environment. The install documentation is not very up to date. In the end you have to look for the folder public/legacy to find an installer.

Now i need to find a way to fix my css.

You need to follow the installation instructions, set ownerships, permissions, set up the web server configuration, install PHP extensions…

People assume that Siteground and Bitnami and other CPanel installers take care of all of this correctly, but it is my experience that they don’t, they’re normally severely under-developed.

Well all is set as far as i can do. CSS problem is gone, now stuck with admin credential problem.

I have installed many open source software in the siteground environment but never had any problems like this. Even Vtiger installed without a hitch. Unfortunately it’s not maintained anymore.