Not able to add several contacts to TArget List

Hello all

I am using Suitecrm 7.9.8 but I have a problem when I try to create a new Target List. I have created the target list record, however when I have to add contacts to this target list, in the subpanel “Contacts” I search for 580 contacts matching a search criteria.

If I select them all and then try to assign them to the Target List I get the error “Bad data passed>>Return to home” in the Contacts Subpanel. However If I select them 20 by 20 contacts,(first page of search result) they work fine.

Any suggestion please?

Same as what I said in the other post - I believe this has been fixed. Maybe you have some trouble upgrading, or some reason to still be using such an old version?

You can try this on the live demo to compare with the latest:

Hello, yes, thanks for the answer. I have upgraded to 7.10.8 and now it is working fine!

Thanks a lot!