Not able to add fields in Module Builder

In 7.2.1 I am not able to Add Fields in Module Builder. The Labels get added but the Fields do not. SuiteCRM 7.2.1 is hosted in Amazon Elastic Beanstalk.

Adding fields seems to work ok in 7.1.5.

Most other features seem to work ok so I don’t believe it is an installation issue.


We have also had the same problem on the same version. Strangely though, it has only just started happening. We have already built modules and packages on the same system without an issue. They have been deployed and work absolutely fine.
However, when we add fields to this new module, the Labels are added, but not the Fields (as nancy134 stated).

We have tried repairing the system and duplicating the package and adding the fields again, with no luck.


I figured out the problem. The Amazon Elastic Beanstalk deployment was using PHP 5.5. I created a new deployment with PHP 5.3 and the problem has gone away.

To clarify, we are not using Amazon and we have not changed PHP versions between building packages.