Non-administrator user sees the "select" button in the knowledge base

non-administrator user sees the “select” button in the knowledge base and can change the category of articles
Version 7.11.10


And what is the problem, exactly?

The KB module can be used by all users. If you need some restrictions you need to work with Security Groups (for example, to keep non-admins from being able to edit records).

this is a problem because it contradicts the settings that I set
users can change the categories of articles, but I don’t need it

In Role Management you have two different rows for these different record types:

KB - Categories
Knowledge Base

Make sure security settings and security group assigments are restricting them in both - you may need simply to assign some security group the categories.

here are my settings for non-admin user

Ok, so the next thing would be to go in the KB - Categories module and make sure the correct Security Groups were assigned. However when I tried going there I find there is no Security Groups subpanel there :thinking:

Maybe you can assign these directly from the database with an entry in securitygroups_records table, but I fear it still might not work - it looks like Security settings simply aren’t implemented for KB Categories… in this case you have to use some little bit of custom code to prevent users from changing them.