No users able to login to system - You have been logged out because your session has expired.

Have a Ubuntu 16.04 server running SuiteCRM 7.9.7 that no users can now login to (including admin) - any attempt to login is met with the message ‘You have been logged out because your session has expired.’

I have looked though other postings about this issue and have tried the following so far:

  1. Rebooted the server
  2. Disabled AppArmor in Ubuntu
  3. Clear the cache folder in the SuiteCRM directory
  4. Reset ownership on the SuiteCRM directory and all sub-directories
  5. Ensured that the session folder for PHP is writable by the Apache process (www-data)
  6. Set the timezone variable in php.ini to match the server’s location (EUROPE/Dublin)
  7. Tried logging in from both Chrome and Internet Explorer (IE had never been used to log into the server before)

No changes were made on the server prior to the time it stopped working.

I am seeing the following in the Apache error log:

[Mon Jan 08 19:59:40.429433 2018] [:error] [pid 2974] [client xx.xx.xx.xx:2808] PHP Notice: Undefined property: UserPreference::$is_save in /var/www/html/suitecrm/custom/modules/setupCNLogic.php on line 8, referer:
[Mon Jan 08 19:59:40.473956 2018] [:error] [pid 2974] [client xx.xx.xx.xx:2808] PHP Warning: Declaration of bc_Notification::create_new_list_query($order_by, $where, $filter = Array, $params = Array, $show_deleted = 0, $join_type = ‘’, $return_array = false, $parentbean = NULL, $singleSelect = false) should be compatible with SugarBean::create_new_list_query($order_by, $where, $filter = Array, $params = Array, $show_deleted = 0, $join_type = ‘’, $return_array = false, $parentbean = NULL, $singleSelect = false, $ifListForExport = false) in /var/www/html/suitecrm/modules/bc_Notification/bc_Notification.php on line 41, referer:

Any help and suggestions much appreciated.

I once had that, and the problem was simply that the server’s disk was full! Check that first.

You can fix that warning by adding

, $ifListForExport = false

to the end of the definition of function create_new_list_query in file /var/www/html/suitecrm/modules/bc_Notification/bc_Notification.php

But I’m not sure that has anything to do with your login problem… and I don’t have that bc_notification directory in my install, what is it?

seems I was given false information after going though the server - someone had attempted to upgrade the system to 7.9.8 whilst the system was in use (and without taking a backup first) and also tried installing a theme called SuitePImproved

Clean install of 7.9.8 and restoring the database seems to have fixed the problem

Ah. I would have caught that if you had said your symptom was “you have been logged out because your password has expired”, but you said “you have been logged out because your session has expired”. I didn’t know about the connection between that and SuitePImproved.

Anyway, you might like to know that SuitePImproved released a new version today to address this 7.9.8 update Issue.

I noticed that most of the authentication problems in version 7.8.9 are related to extra modules like the SuitePlmproved theme.
In this case the names changes in the fields (
user_password => username_password

Just go back.