No records shown in list view


I encountered strange behaviour after ugrading from 7.11.10 to 7.11.18:

  • no records shown in list view IN ALL MODULES, including security groups, roles…
  • if I apply any search, results are shown in list view
  • double checked database - all records are there

Actions preceding this event:

  • copy entire production site to development environment (including entire file structure and database)
  • upgrade from version 7.11.10 to 7.11.18 with standard upgrade package downloaded from suitecrm site
  • set all permissions on files as suggested:
    sudo chmod -R 755 .
    sudo chmod -R 775 cache custom modules themes data upload config_override.php

LINUX server (not shared hosting)
MySQL database

Can anyone help asap? :wink:

Many thanks in advance for all contribution…

Have a great BUG- and Corona-free day :wink:



Hmmm, Do you see this issue on certain users?
Or it is across all users?

It may be worth checking the Suitecrm error log, perhaps a Query is going awry on the Listview
If so, there is a chance that it will be found here
Does anything of note appear, around the times that you load the Listview?

Also, it might be worth running both: “Quick Repair and Rebuild” and “Rebuild JS Grouping Files”
(Both found in Admin->Repair)

If anything appears at the bottom of the Quick Repair and Rebuild results screen, please Execute this

Hi John,

thank you for your reply.

I have done all of mentioned prior posting this incident, and no change.
suitecrm.log does not record any incident related to this.

Any other idea? :wink:




If you haven’t already, It might be worth grabbing the Query that the CRM is generating, and running it manually in MySQL.

Some steps to achieve this have been noted on this post

What results do you get if you run it manually?

Also: Repair Relationships

I was thinking about disabling Ajax as well.

If you press the search clear button and then search does that produce any results?

If you don’t get any error in logs, it seems there is a PHP error that is causing the view to fail.

Can you put debug code in your index.php file as below


let me know if you see any error in the display after placing this code.


I put debug code in root index.php file (at the end of the file):

    if (!defined('sugarEntry')) {
    define('sugarEntry', true);

include 'include/MVC/preDispatch.php';
$startTime = microtime(true);
require_once 'include/entryPoint.php';
require_once 'include/MVC/SugarApplication.php';
$app = new SugarApplication();

No errors displayed…

Any idea?


If I do that I get data displayed in list view as it should be

You might prefer clearing up stuff from user_preferences table in DB. My guess is that they include a reference to some old column name that no longer exists, or something similar, and it breaks SuiteCRM views while trying to display.

You shouldn’t need to clear the entire table, only the relevant parts; but it’s going to be some work. If you can clear everything without annoying users or losing important preference information life will be easier for you.

Did that, truncate entire table (I work in test environment, so I can play… ;)) = no change :frowning:

what if you place it at the start after

if (!defined(‘sugarEntry’)) {
define(‘sugarEntry’, true);

in you config.php file, can you check the value set for


… and make sure you«re checking all 3 locations for error messages:

  • suitecrm.log
  • php_errrors.log
  • browser javascript console

Did put it in the beginning of index.php and value for list_max_entries is 20

No luck :frowning:

Please check if your system is compatible: