No path on the directory when I want to upload the upgrade


I would like to upgrade my SuiteCrm instalation using the wizard.

I can navigate to the Zip File on my computer, but once I want to upload it, I have the following message :
Specified directory ‘’ for zip file ‘upload://’ extraction does not exist.

It is quite logical, it looks like the path (ie D:) is missing. I am on Windows 8.1
Have you got an idea how to solve this issue or may be how to copy the file by FTP in the good floder ?

Sorry to be such a newbie.


The directory missing there is the location to which it is trying to extract the zip, so it should be under your SuiteCRM folder, under the “upload” subfolder.

You might want to check if the permissions for that directory allow the web server to write to it, and clean up any left-overs from old upgrades.

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I erased all the file on the upload folder and put the rights on the folder and its subfolders on 777. It still doesn’t work.
I tried to copy the unzipped files the upgrade directly in the folder but the wizard does not recognize it.

Is there a way to bypass the wizard ? :dry:


Check also the ownership on those files and directories, not just the permissions.

Then check if you have zip module installed in your PHP.

I suggest that you don’t upgrade to 7.9, use 7.8.4 instead. There are currently too many problems with 7.9, it’s better to wait for the next bugfix release.


I do have a zip module installed.
About ownership, I don’t get what it is. (I am the only “background” user of the site)

I may follow your advice about no upgrading to 7.9. It si a pity because I was really in need for the improvements regarding the e-mails.

By the way thanks a million.

check the upload_dir variable in your config.php file (root of your Suite installation folder) is set to the correct folder. Mine is upload with NO forward slashes… save any changes you make and try the wizard again

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There was a forward slash on mine. I deleted it. It still does not work. :frowning:

Thank you by the way.