No option to 'Mass update' a custom checkbox?


I created a custom checkbox in studio, but there is no option to set is for mass updates.
I added [‘massupdate’]= 1; for the relevant field in vardefs.

The field appears as a dropdown in mass update page with the values ‘none’, ’ ’ , ‘yes’, ‘no’; however the values are not being saved.

There are no entries in the log file.

How do i go about mass updating a custom checkbox?


If this is something you only need to do once, or a few times, you could go into the database and update directly (but be carefiul!) with phpMyAdmin or MySQL command-line.

If you need it on the user-interface, I would say try it on the online demo, on this one which allows Admin access (needed for Studio):

and then if it doesn’t work there, please file a GitHub Issue with some nice screenshots and detailed “steps to reproduce”…

Hi @pgr,

The big problem for me is when you create a field in studio, the field is on a custom table : table_cstm.
The only way for do in SQL if with a “LEFT JOIN” statement.
I hate custom table, I always create my field in vardefs, directly on the module table.

This must be a “Must Have” on the futur core of SuiteCRM. We need just a “Key” name for differentiate core field and custom field.
This simplify all the rest of coding, reporting, developing, …

I have see your blog, nice helpful, maybe can you write some vardefs for creating custom field in core table of module. :slight_smile:


@item actually my weak spot is customizations, I haven’t done much of that and so I’m really not an expert.

You will like this article here if you haven’t seen it already

it’s not exactly what you asked for but it’s also an improvement (by way of a simplification) on how Studio does things…


You can create a workflow for this, use a dropdown with yes or no option, after this gets updates your worklfow will update the checkbox as well

best regards


thanks for this comment mike- I’ve effectively replaced all my checkboxes with dropdowns