No export file showing after launching SuiteCRMAnalytics

Hi all,

I just finished installing the whole SuiteCRM suite, with a install-populated SuiteCRM, data-integration which ran and properly populated a SuiteCRM data warehouse, ran the analytics setup and then ran the app.

The SuiteCRM analytics URL properly responds with a login page. I could login as admin, create a user account.

When logging using either the user account or admin account, I see no export file as shows the tutorial (on page 4, see screenshot under “Recents”). I browsed the catalina.out file and other log files, but I can’t figure what can be happening.

I read another thread where @Galina suggested a reinstall might fix the problem – which I did with no effect whatsoever on my problem …

Any help is welcome.

Hi Guy,

I assume you are referring to the screenshot on page 4 of the Getting Started documentation?

That file is in the recents list as it had been run recently when the screenshot was taken. The location of the actual file is in the Public > SuiteCRM Analytics > Tools folder. You can navigate to this folder by click the Browse button on the homepage. Let me know if that works for you

Thanks @ivyis for getting back to me so close to Christmas eve :santa:

Then what that means is something must have gone wrong when I ran the analytics suite using the ./ script because the public folder is empty.

Any idea why this must be the case? When running the script I didn’t a message reporting something went wrong. The SuiteCRM database and data warehouse are indeed populated.

Thanks for your help!

Ah. I think I might know the issue.

The Files panel on the right will only display Files inside the folder selected on the left (Folders). As there are no Files in public nothing is displayed. However, you ill notice that the Public Folder is a hierarchy and you can expand the hierarchy using the small Arrow to the left of the folder Name. This will expand the public folder and you will see sub folders, navigate to the sub folder of your choice (Reports for example) and when that folder is selected you will see the Report files inside that folder.

I hope that helps.


@ivyis, you made my day if not the whole holiday season!

I can now dig into the tutorial and learn how to take advantage of SuiteCRM Analytics.

Warm thanks from Bordeaux, FR. I know too well how much effort building software is and how committed you need to be to drive an open source project.

Will undoubtedly come back to report on my progress and eventually help others.


That’s great news!

Feel free to reach out if you need any other help at all. Have a wonderful festive break.