No emails folders


I have downloaded the polish language pack file ( and after and installed by the Module Loader.

Generally the translation is ok, but there is the problem opening the Email from Collaboration menu - there is no email folders.
What is wrong with language pack or what additional settings are needed?

On screenshots appears correct email folders in english language pack and bugs when polish language pack is turn on.

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English language pack - all folders OK.

Polish language pack - no any folders!

Polish language pack - browser inspector.

Polish language pack - browser inspector.

Confirmed as a bug in the translation for polish (pl-PL). It works for other languages.

I don’t know where the issues is.

The first step is to verify the translations done for the module Emails at

Then verify for parsing errors \modules\Emails\language\pl_PL.lang.php

The issue is at

line 1369 - from

    'LBL_EMAIL_ERROR_FROM_ADDRESS'          => 'Adres \'Od\' jest wymagany. Wprowadz poprawny adres e-mail.',


    'LBL_EMAIL_ERROR_FROM_ADDRESS'          => 'Adres Od jest wymagany. Wprowadz poprawny adres e-mail.',

line 1404 - from

    'LBL_EMAIL_HTML_RTF'                    => 'Wyślij w HTML\'u',


    'LBL_EMAIL_HTML_RTF'                    => 'Wyślij w HTML',


  • login as English
  • go to Admin and perform a Repair / Quick repair and rebuild
  • Logout
  • Login as polish

I have edited at Transifex. to fix it also.
Next language to be published will include this change
As for the translation quality… I’m not a polish translator so you need to improve your language by translating at
Transifex project

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After changes it works perfect. Thank You very much horus68 for You support.

Take some time to improve online translation too (and invite others from your country!)

I am just a new one, but I plan to help translate to Polish. Please take me some time to understand how to do it.