Nice looking emails... 👀

I just finished a demo video for PowerReplacer.

Have a look at the nice Campaign previews, with fancy looking, highly-dynamic content Emails it’s spitting out:

I’d love to hear what you think about these features, and the video.


If you provide set of buttons to add some special things, like a new file, any date, table , footer, end of html etc, it will be super awesome.

There will be 2 benefits.
1: Ease to Use
2: No Coding Mistakes

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Excellent work pgr - a timely UI upgrade for emails.
This is really nice, too:

you also get advanced Calculated fields :open_mouth: everywhere in SuiteCRM?

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This is so cool…

Well done @pgr

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@DJuser regarding this

What this currently does is intercept when records are being saved (including inline edit) and if the field starts with {{ (the typical Twig marker) then it applies template replacement and saves the product of the conversion in the field.

I can see people using this in two ways:

  1. Copy-paste prepared codes into fields (like {{ now | date_modify('+ 3 weekdays') | date("F jS", "Europe/Rome") }}). But this is a bit of work.

  2. Have admins prepare simplified codes and type them in fields (like {{ date-it }} to signify the same as the example above).

But my plan to make this really useful is to enhance it in the future like this, in two steps:

a. Let people specify in the vardefs, for each field, a template to apply for new records, and another when modifying records. This way users don’t have to type and transformations happen automatically. This is how “calculated fields” are normally used in other software.

b. Later, make these things configurable via Studio UI, without need to edit vardefs directly.

That looks awesome. Preview feature will really help the marketers to validate their emails before they blast off. Good work pedro.

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So what would the user need to enter, in that case?

But my plan to make this really useful is to enhance it in the future like this, in two steps:

That sounds really high UI/usability value - nice work pgr!

To explain a little better - Twig is extensible. So whatever you can write in PHP inside SuiteCRM, using Beans etc, you can make into a Twig element (tag, filter or function). So developers can work on these extensions to match the needs of the users, and provide them with smaller things to type.

So in my example above, if people frequently needed to type {{ now | date_modify('+ 3 weekdays') | date("F jS", "Europe/Rome") }}, a developer could prepare stuff so that only {{ date-it }} is required.

This is like a new (easier) way of writing logic hooks.

This bit I use in the demo:

person|related('quotes')|last is much more readable, and actually much shorter, than its equivalent using SuiteCRM Beans in PHP (it would take a dozen lines to get that).