Hi guys, SuiteCRM is a very great CRM, but someone could fix the bug of the next page button, please??? :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:

It’ a very important function (for me and for many other I think)

Thank youuuu

Which version?

Have you checked GitHub to see if the Issue exists there? If not, report it.

Hi, my version is 7.10.7 (Sugar Version 6.5.25, Build 344) and on github I didn’t find the solution.


Can you try this on the online demo? This way you will discover if it is fixed on 7.10.9

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The demo version does not have the problem. I’ll try to update my version.


Hi guys, I’ve updated my version and now it works very well. The problem is solved.

Thank you so much…

…I’ll send you a pizza and a cappuccino from Italy!


quattro formaggi, per favore


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Ok! ( ;

I believe there is a bug on the pagination when changing the columns on list view of any module. Please check here

Some users said the workaround is to clear the filters and change columns. One other solution could be to reset user options.

Hope it helps somebody!


Just to confirm that this issue was solved on version 7.10.9 More info here:

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