Newsletter, ask all users to review the app on G2 Crowd.

To Sales Agility:

  1. You should send out an email blast to all subscribers, asking them to write a review and rating for SuiteCRM on this site.

As you can see on the graph comparing the CRM apps ratings versus popularity, while SugarCRM is highly rated and popular (because it has received 81 positive user reviews), SuiteCRM is not even showing up on the graph because it has zero user reviews. Even vTiger, which is a fork of SugarCRM 5.x, has 22 user review. SalesForce has 831 positive reviews and therefore ranks by far the most popular and most full featured CRM on this site, as voted by the users. SuiteCRM should aim to obtain at least 100 reviews on this site. Sites like this have a powerful influence on users decisions about which apps to try, and ultimately use, and then, fund the development of.

  1. You ought to add a mention of SugarCRM 6.5 in your written description of SuiteCRM on G2 Crowd, to refer to the fact that SuiteCRM is a free fork of SugarCRM 6.5. Why? Because SugarCRM is not mentioned at all in the description, you’re losing out on the people who would like to try a free app which has its roots in SugarCRM 6.5.