Newcomer to SuiteCRM. Looks very promising, few questions


I’m a developer who has been working on custom modules for my client with SugarCRM 6.5.X CE for around 12 months. I first noticed SuiteCRM a while ago but back then I had not seen all the great work salesagility had done for instance with workflow modules for CE, so I had brushed it aside. However, after reviewing some of the great GPL work you guys have done, and when i sat down to create a new Bootstrap V3 theme for sugar based on my existing ones. I’m leaning towards creating it open source for SuiteCRM and fully migrating my client.

It seems like with the stagnation of Sugar, there is everything to gain with migration, and nothing to lose.

My question is whether there is some way i can quickly look / gauge the core modifications to the code / differences between SuiteCRM core features and SugarCRM. I ran some of my own isolation tests and all the Sugar based plugins i tested seemed to work fine out of the box. So it seems like its more about forking improvements than any radical changes to the SugarCRM core… although Im sure there are some around i will eventually run into.

I guess we could upload a version of SuiteCRM and SugarCRM and use a repo to map out changes of some description… before i begin anything too crazy, i just thought i would say hello in the community first and ask what other people have done.

I did search your forums a bit and from what i can tell, with GPL work time is always short and precious, and developers generally tend to just utilise sugar 6.5.X documentation as there are not too many changes to the core that are going to hurt us right now.

Thanks, look forward to participating in the forums.

Sounds great Jeremy!

Your are right there are not to many changes to core, only some bug fixes as far as I am aware. If you create a Bootstrap theme that works on sugarCE then it should work in SuiteCRM. If you run into any problems with suite we will of course advise you on them.

Creating an open source Bootstrap V3 theme for SuiteCRM would be a great contribution to community :wink: