Newbie - SuiteCRM VOIP - 3CX - RingCentral - Twilio

I am a former SuiteCRM user who is back and looking to see if we need to move from Zohoa to SuiteCRM. One of the main things I would be looking to do is phone integration.

Let me caveat and say, I am not a developer.

And the main driver of looking at SuiteCRM and phone systems are trying to reduce our overall monthly expense.

I was considering moving from RingCentral to 3CX. But it doesn’t look like 3CX integrates with SuiteCRM.

The main objective of the phone system is to send and make calls. And log calls in both directions.

Can anyone recommend a solution? A provider? Anything? I did search and it feels like while this has been discussed there hasn’t been a great solution.

Thank you!


There are various plugins at the store you can use to integrate your phone system.

Check these for example:



We are two software developers that have just merged to become one Company. My new combined Team has just decided that we are going to use SuiteCRM for ourselves (as well as for our clients) and I will want to link it to 3CX. I agree that there is nothing obviously available or suitable, to link SuiteCRM with 3CX. I will bring this up the list of priorities and report on the Forum when we have something available.

I did link Sugar to an early 3CX, many years ago, so I am sure it can be done.

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Thanks AlxGr, I did come across some of these. But there are very expensive solutions. I appreciate it!