Newbie pre-install question about integrating with current data

I currently have

mysql database.
A tiny self-written php application based on the “Tiny” micro-framework, plus TWIG and bootstrap, which basically just allows me to CRUD the following customer data:

Name, address, email, phone number, paid until, last contacted, status.

Then a second table of multiple services provided by that customer which is used by a second front-end micro framework where the customer can login and update their service information. Extremely simple database relationship of service_id to master_account_id.

Pretty simple, a few customers right now, going to push to try and get more.
For managing MY customers, I need to start getting sensible and away from home-made CRUD.
SuiteCRM looks perfect.

BUT - before I go down a lengthy learning path, how feasible is it to try and fit it and/or my existing database to each other?

If need be, I can rewrite the mysql queries for my web app; OR - what should an hour or so(?) work cost me to do this?
I’m hoping and guessing that having a large install base that there are plenty of willing hourlies?

Better still, if I can do all this AND use it as a replacement to the $12 a month I’m paying to ProjectBubble, then better yet!
This is a low-cost service aimed at small charities, and if I can keep my costs down I can keep their costs down and everyone’s a winner!

Am I on the right track with SuiteCRM, or a hiding to nothing?

You could easily use SuiteCRM to do what you want to to do. An easy way to import your existing database would be to export the data as csv files and then import using the import wizard. You will probably need to do a bit of an investigation into suite to understand how to use it and customise it using studio. And then decide which modules to use for your customers and clients.

Thanks for that. Although, you’re just talking about importing. I was thinking more about actually integrating the two together?

Actually, I could just install, have a play, see what the schema is and what I can cobble together!