New v4 plugin compatible with MacOS desktop?

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When I read “The application now fully supports Outlook 2016 through to Outlook 365 (both web and desktop variants).”, am I to understand that the plugin will also be available for mac os X hard clients, as long as we have an O365 subscription ? I am not a specialist of Microsoft plugin technologies, so I might misunderstand…

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Check out the v4 FAQs,

The add-on uses Microsoft Add-in framework which allows for cross platform compatibility. More details on the client requirements here,

Thanks @samus-aran, actually I submitted my question after checking the FAQ, mentionning that I do not really know Microsoft Plugin-In technlogy…

My first understanding is that yes, multi-platform means it will be compatible with MacOS desktop, but my understanding might be wrong, that is why I seek confirmation…

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Fair point. Perhaps we can add the additional link to the Requirements for running Office Add-ins in the FAQs. :slight_smile: