New User First Login Wizard, make fields required

Hallo to the community,

I’m wondering if it is possible to make user fields required only during the User First Login Wizard Process. (Where the user types in his personal informations). But the fields should not be required if the admin creates the user on the backend. ( only last name and email-adress should be required).

So to conclude: If the admin creates a user, only Last Name and Email-Adress should be mandatory.

But when the user logs in the first time and should typ in his personal informations (like Street Adress and so on) all fields should be required here.

Any Idea how to get this done?

Thank you very much in advance!

Anyone having an Idea? Maybe with Javascript? I also tried the HTML5 “required” attribute but it didn’t work for me.

I was able to find the solution:

in the wizard.tpl

you can copy and adjust the function for checking the last name = required function

switch(this.currentScreen) {
case ‘personalinfo’:
if ( document.getElementById(‘last_name’).value == ‘’ ) {
isError = true;

if ( document.getElementById(‘first_name’).value == ‘’ ) {
isError = true;
if ( document.getElementById(‘phone_work’).value == ‘’ ) {
isError = true;

so in this example it checks first name and Office Phone for input. To show the function which field to check you need to add for example id=‘first_name’ to the of first name and id=‘phone_work’ to the office phone

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