New user can't login

Hello support team,
I have installed Suitecrm and only can login with admin user which I created during installation. If I add new user the user can’t login. I am getting the error message “you must specify a valid user name and password”


are you using the correct password to login with.

by default the password will be emailed to the users email address and there might be a time limit on when it can be used. a admin would then need to update the password again to allow them to login.

Yes by default I get the password in my email and immediately i try to login with same password but no success, I created 2 users but same issue.
If I reset the password in admin account the system is giving me error so I disable this option by disabling some code in user.php, In the login screen If I click on change password the system send me email with new password. But I can not login with any user only with admin(the user which was created during the installation).


I wouldnt recommend removing code and get to the bottom of what is causing the error in the first place. what code did you remove ? what was the error that was being displayed ?

This happend to me on a fresh install of 7.9.0. What it did to us when a user tried to log in was give a message telling us that we were automatically logged out, Even if i sent a reset password as an admin.

I had the new user click on forgot password. I then told the user to use a different password when resetting it.

Once they did that they were brought right to the welcome and set up screens and good to go until the next login.

after they logged out and tried again they got the same message telling them they were automatically logged out.

I had the user do a browser cache reset (ctrl F5) and they were logged in again no problem. have logged in multiple times now with no issues.

Hope this helps.

When i create new user then it not get the password or any email regarding password.
please help me to fix this.