New user, can I use SuiteCRM to store booked services/items?

Thanks for reading!

We are a language school starting out to use suiteCRM.

Ideally we want to store the student booked items. Examples.

  1. General English Course with start date.
  2. Rock climbing activity with start date.
  3. Airport transfer with transfer date.

It seems to me that we can simplify all these booked items to:

Student ID | Activity booked | Date of activity

Then I want to run reports, eg to extract all students needing an airport transfer

Is there a module in suiteCRM that I can use for this purpose?



Have a look at the Events module.

Normally for a big enough business as your seems to be, it’s advisable to look for some consulting work to adapt SuiteCRM to your needs. This insures that your database design and your processes work well in your organization. You can also get help migrating any current data you have, or integrating with other software you use.

Tell me if you want to be reached privately for payed consulting services from SalesAgility. If not, that’s ok too, just keep asking here and I’ll answer the best I can.

Hi There
We are EngageCRM UK :slight_smile: we have been working with a training provider for many years to ensure a great solution for education providers

My advice is to use Quotes & Products modules, this allows you to create your “English” or “Rock Climbing” courses as products with financial funding, then add to any “Quote” (we renamed Quote to Enrolment)

Add the additional custom fields around the Quote that will align with your requirements

With quotes and products you can benefit from financial reports from the “Price” of your products and the total income from your Quote!

Check out our Education focused environment for SuiteCRM

This is a great “off the shelf” start for Education organisations

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly