New user and password


I might be doing something wrong, but wanted other opinions.
I created a new user.
How do I give them a password, or does this get sent to the persons email?
I thought it got sent to the email.

At this point, the new user has no password.

So, we tried the “forgot password” route. I get the following error:
System is unable to process your request. Please contact the system administrator.

I tried repairing things from the admin page.

I still get the same error.

Anyone ever seen such an error?

What should I look for to fix it? I need to get my new user inside and working;)



By default the password is sent automatically by the system. Ho wever, you can change this setting:

. Log in as an administrator
. go to Admin (hover on the user name in the top right and in the menu select Admin) -> Password Management
. untick the first option (“Enable System-Generated Passwords Feature”)
. Save

At this point you will be able to edit (as administrator) the users passwords:
. go to Admin -> Users Management
. Edit any user
. select the Password tab
. change the password
. Save

And you are done!