New to SuiteCRM... Need to Import Data from Existing Access Tables for Auction Site..HELP?!

We have a website (, where we list magic illusions for sale by their owners. The existing site is 25 years old and written entirely in HTML. Information for the items is housed in an Access database. We bought the site earlier this year and are in the process of creating a new site on a WordPress platform using WooCommerce and Ultimate WooAuction for processing.

We recently installed SuiteCRM on our server (hosted with GoDaddy) and want to import all existing Contact & Item information into SuiteCRM. However, after reading and viewing various tutorials about its setup, we’re confused as to how to set it up. We’re hoping for some guidance from this forum.

We have contact information for Sellers & Buyers (same type of info) as well as item information for each item listed for sale on the site. As stated, we will be using WooCommerce and Ultimate WooAuction as the auction processing system. Any suggestions regarding how to setup Accounts, Contacts, and Products would be extremely welcomed and much appreciated!

I plan to export the contact information from the Access tables and import them into SuiteCRM. I’m very familiar with Excel & CSV files as well as Access tables… not with CRMs, however. I see that each type of data (Accounts, Contacts, Leads, etc.) has it’s own import template. In comparing them to each other, I see that many of them contain the exact same fields in the same order. Is it safe to assume the same CSV can be used for importing data into these data types? Is there, perhaps, a list somewhere detailing which items use the same CSV for importing and which are unique?

I know this is a lot to unpack…:slight_smile: If it needs to be in separate topics, please let me know and I’ll be glad to do that.

We really want to take advantage of the wonderful features offered in SuiteCRM. We realize that setting it up properly is crucial to successfully using it. We need help… PLEASE…

Clem Patafio

You probably will need to use the method explained in this post, “Large Imports in SuiteCRM”. To import a large number of Accounts, Contacts, and Products, from the command line successfully, instead of the web interface which is limited.