New to Suite CRM

I have a computer and electronic repair shop.

I mostly deal with walk-ins that need something fixed,
I’m trying to figure out if i can make SuiteCRM work for me. I need to take customer information first then create a ticket for their device that’s being repaired.

I’ve been playing around with the contacts and cases to deal with this. I’ve also tried projects and tasks.
but can’t seem to find the right fit,

I need to be able to create the customer and then be able to have multiple tickets for that customer. And be able to go back and view all tickets just by searching their name.

Is suiteCRM right for me?

Hi, welcome to the Community! :tada:

Contacts and Cases sounds just about right for your case. What problems did you run into?

You could know more about all available modules at the below link.

I’m using the contact for my customer field works better that way for me. Under the cases I am trying to add a field to where I can start typing the customer name and it will automatically give me suggestions of customers that have already been added.

I’m also adding custom fields for the cases like model numbers, passwords. and I’m looking to make a drop down menu that have the options for computer, Phone, Electronics, game systems and other types of devices people bring in.
I also need all this information to be printable onto a sticker that I put on their device that contains the name, device and other information from the case modular. And would also like a way that all this information could be sent to an invoice for quick payment.

Also, I know this is probably a long shot, but is there a way to integrate this with square payment systems.?

I almost forgot. if I could create a new customer. And then save and immediately be able to create a ticket. (Cases). Whith the name Prefilled? like a save and create ticket button.

I’m playing around with the system a little bit every day. I’m slowly learning how it’s all set up. I appreciate the help.

You can customize it exactly for your needs by going to: >>> Admin >>> Studio:


and then build/configure SuiteCRM exactly as you want it for your business needs.

Just choose the modules you want to change/customize…
It is very easy! :smiley:

Kind regards

If you want invoicing I would consider using that module (possibly along with Quotes, which is tightly integrated with it) instead of Cases.

Apart from Studio, you will also want to use Dropdown editor for that “computer, Phone, Electronics, game systems” option.

I’ve been using it for a few weeks, i know about the studio and drop edit, just not sure how to do what i want,
i should start with one at a time so… Cases…

i added my own filed called contacts. But it does not interact automatically with the contact modulator. For example, I would like to be able to just start typing a name and have it find the name in real time from the contact modular.

The contact field I added seems to be independent from the modular. its acting like a custom field is is not connected in any way to the contacts modular.

What I did was created a field called contacts because it wasn’t already there. And then added that to the layout.

What I want to to do is first create a contact and then be able to go into cases and create a case with that contact.

thank you :slight_smile:

You don’t want a field. You want a relationship between Cases and Contacts. This already exists in Cases module. It’s a many to many relationship so you can have mor than one contact per case and more than one case per contact.

how do i add this to my layout?

Hey @Blazz81 you don’t have to add anything. It’s already there. It built this way for a number of reasons. Firstly, it uses the default “parent type” relationship to relate contacts to the case. It also has a bunch of added features around setting up a group inbox to automatically create cases and link them to contacts when an email is received. You’ll find the relation between the case and the contacts in the subpanel. Also the contacts get notified that their case has been received via email and it automatically sends them status updates. Plus if they reply via email, it adds it to the thread. (if you turn this on).

I don’t know. I can’t find anywhere… that page you’re showing in the picture. Maybe I will delete and restart fresh. I have been doing a lot of customization, maybe I messed something up. What version are you showing in the picture? I am using 8. Maybe I should use the older one? Seems like it has more options.

No matter what I do, I cannot get cases to show up correctly in my open cases on the homepage.
I can’t get it to show a customer/contact name. It only shows. Account name which I’m not using. Maybe I should start using account instead of Contact. IDK

edit:: I just deleted and started it fresh. And with everything default there is no contact anywhere in create new case. But I am forced to pick a account name, which I didn’t plan on using accounts.

In SuiteCRM 8 you add Contacts here:

If you’re not using accounts, you need to go into Studio and remove “account name” form the editview and detail view. You’ll have to do this for every module that uses the account name reference or you’ll have problems saving the records without it.

However, you won’t be able to see the contact names in a dashlet because it’s not a field, it’s a relationship.

You might want to include the persons name in the subject if thats important for you in the dashlet.