New subpanels with upgrade to 7.8.2

I recently did the upgrade to 7.8.2 and noticed that two new subpanels appeared under the Members module. I can’t find these subpanels anywhere else in the back end. It’s almost like these are ghost subpanels, although they do show up on the front end interface. I tried to rename them as “Null” just to avoid confusion. Does anyone know how to remove these? I’m not a developer so please try to dumb down the answers for me. Thanks!

Is members a custom Module?

Sorry, it’s the Accounts module (we just renamed it in our system).

From a fresh install of SuiteCRM I count 14 subpanels under Accounts.

Wow! I only see four (two of which I’ve renamed “null” just to minimize confusion among staff). I’m starting to think that something with how our relationships are set up is incorrect. I was able to find the relationship to these two suppanels, but I can’t actually remove it.

Try this:

  1. Reset permissions correctly
  2. Open config.php and check that all variables refer to current installation. Pay particuar attention to site_url and host
  3. Check your .htaccess file and make sure that the paths contained are correct and that nothing in there could limit your SuiteCRM installation
  4. Log into SuiteCRM with an Admin user and go to Admin->Repair and perform Quick Repair and Rebuild (make sure that you also perform additional repairs if requested at the end), repair all js/javascript, repair relationships and, possibly .htaccess.
  5. If you are patient enough also reset permissions between each of the repairs performed in 4.
  6. Make sure that cron jobs are run by the same system user of SuiteCRM (some times it may be that cron jobs are run by root and this will probably end messing up permissions and all that is consequential to this.
  7. Log out of SuiteCRM
  8. Clear the browser cache
  9. Log in again and check if yo still have the problems
  10. You may have to repeat everything starting from 4. one or two times.

Please note that this method works in many circumstances but is not based an any errors that yo may have encountered.

Additionally: check you SuiteCRM/SugarCRM log files (there may be two different ones) for fatal errors as well as you web server/php errorl logs.
You may even look at the browser conole in search for errors (but I think that you don’t seem to be exeriencing issues that could be discovered from there)

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Thank you so much for the step by step break down!! I’ll give it a try…