New Opportunity Workflow


I am new to SuiteCRM but I would like to create some workflow so that when a new opportunity is created a “log call” activity is also created at the same time. Would someone be able to walk me through setting this up?

I can see various option for doing this when the sales stage is changed but not for when the opportunity is first created.

Thanks in advance


Hey ,

Try this

WorkFlow Module: Opportunities
Run: Always
Run On: New Record


Module: Opportunity , field: Date created Operator: Equal To Type: Any Change


Select Action: Create Record

Record Type: Calls

Then click add filed

*Subject : , Value : New Opportunity (in the text box)

Like this * add all fields related to opportunity which you like to show in calls module.
In add click field
First column: denotes filed from Calls module
In second column values denote any default value
field denotes any value in Opportunity field.

Sorry was unable to put the screen shoot.

If already you have implemented thats good to know.