New Mamber Hello

My first Post is to say hello to the community, Hello!
I’m sure I’ll find the answers to the questions I’ll look for but if I don’t maybe it’s because I didn’t ask the right questions. I’m hoping that SuitCRM will help me keep in touch with the many contacts I have throughout the world.

Thank you,

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Why hello @440music Welcome to the community! :wave:

It’s lovely to hear folk saying a wee hello, it’s gives us a chance to understand why folk pick SuiteCRM.I see you’re a musician, what do you play?

If you are new to SuiteCRM a helpful start is to read the documentation and certainly use the Search function here on the forums. Of course, ask if you need any help with customising the CRM to suit your needs, that’s what SuiteCRM does best - being flexible.

See ya around! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@samus-aran I figured it was proper to introduce yourself and to let others know that I maybe a beginner with suiteCRM I’m not a beginner.
I play guitars acoustic, electric, lap steel and although it’s not technically a guitar it is a string instrument, the Auto Harp.
Do you know if there is video training? I have a reading disability and learn better visually. I use the search function because it faster than reading the docs but I promise when I ask a question I will not ask a question other members have answered many times before. :sunglasses:

Oh fabulous! Wow I love the sound of the auto harp! I’m only an ex cellist but I reminisce my orchestra days haha

There is some very good tutorials made by our community. Have a look on YouTube for anymore than the ones I listed below:

Although these are both unofficial channels they do have valuable info on them to get yourself stuck into SuiteCRM :+1:

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