New installation - old DB want costum Fields back


my problem is my server crashed.

I have a dump from my SQL but not from the installtion.

Can anybody show me the way to bekome my Costumfields back. The Systems say they still exist.

The fields are in the database, but you would need to get your installation to recognize them.

If you do a Quick Repair and Rebuild, and then scroll down to the bottom, does it say anything about syncing vardefs with database?

I know SuiteCRM can fix these out-of-syncness in one direction (stuff found in the vardefs, but not in the database, it offers to create them automatically). But your case is in the opposite direction…

If that doesn’t save you, I guess you will have to create the exact same fields in Studio, and then import your data once the database has the correct format. It’s not going to be easy, but then keeping only a database backup is very incomplete for a SuiteCRM installation…

Can Close fix it. Dont Know why but now it works?!

THx for the help

Make sure you improve your backups…