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New Installation 8.1 - Logout strange behaviours

Good evening,

I started a brand new installation of the community version 8.1, not without some problems that I solved one by one, all related to the RewriteBase configuration.

Anyway, I started to test some the app and I have encountered abother strange thing. After I did the logout it’s presented only a almost total blank page with a call that wen terribly bad it seems.

If I manually change the url to #/Login and try to login again this message appears:

I got 2 simple questions:

  • anyone experienced the same problem and how it can be fixed?
  • is the 8.1 versione suitable for production or I gotta use the the 7.x version?

Kind regards,


After a lots of fix, still remains this problem.

Is there someone who really use SuiteCRM seriously in a production env? I’m starting to have a lots and lots of doubts about it.