New install: Some buttons or panels come up labelled as "undefined."

Have finally completed an installation of SuiteCRM 7.1.1 MAX.

While entering e-mail info and testing the default e-mail server using the “Test” button, the pop-up window that appeared was listed as “undefined” and so was the button used to “send” the test e-mail.

In the course of working with a number of other panels, there are a number of buttons or panels that seem to come up labelled as “undefined.”

Is this normal or something unexpected?




Here’s what happens when updating my profile page:

I make changes, hit “Save” and get this message as a pop-up

(See attachment)

The “save” button does not work if changes are made to the page contents.

However, if one cancels, hits “Edit” again, does nothing and hits save, the button works.


My install too. 7.1.2 MAX

I’m having the same issue


I have the same issue, other parts of the forum say it is a permissions issue, but I’ve been through my installation several times and have checked the folder permissions are correct. Obviously I am missing something. Additionally, and I think this is likely to be connected, I cannot get the user email accounts to receive email. I know the mail is on the relevant server but test emails just sit there and don’t get pulled into suitecrm. Has anyone been having this problem too?

As for “undefined” this is what works in SugarCRM CE so maybe it will work with Suite. Can’t hurt to try:


or just give file cache/jsLanguage/en_us.js 777 permissions
Refresh the page.

Let us know if it fixes the problem.


Sorry dev77 that didn’t work.
However, I did pull this from sugars doc, applied it and it worked.

Sugar requires some specific configuration regarding the supported web server it is to be installed to. Sugar creates and maintains many files in the Sugar directories; therefore, Sugar requires some very specific file permissions settings in order to install. The user the web server is running under needs to have read and write permissions on many Sugar files. At a minimum, the following files and directories need to be writable from your web server:

./cache/ and all subdirectories and files
./custom/ and all subdirectories and files
./data/ and all subdirectories and files
./modules/ and all subdirectories and files

Sugar running on Linux expects the listed files and directories to be owned by the same user running the webserver and to also be in the same group. Sugar would then require the following permissions:

775 for the directories listed above
664 for the config.php file and all files in the directories listed above

I don’t understand.

If you gave ./cache/ “and all subdirectories and files” a chmod of 777 you ended up giving jsLanguage/en_us.js read-write permissions like I advised, so by definition it did work… unless I’m missing something in your explanation.


I applied to those other folders listed there too.
It did fix the majority of the “undefined” but I have seen a couple of stray ones.

I still see an “undefined” when I click on the primary email address in the detail screen. It shows up for a few seconds before the email pop-up appears. I’ll bet there is some other .js file somewhere that needs a permission adjustment. Any idea what it might be?