New Install: help with making login work


I made a new SuiteCRM install through Softaculous in my VPS (LAMP). After the install, I can access the login page. However, the login will not work. On the first install, I thought that maybe I had kept the wrong password in my head. I uninstalled SuiteCRM and installed it again. Same login issue, but this time I took a screenshot of th elogin userid and password during install, so I am sure I am inserting them right…

I changed the file permissions like instructed here (755, 775, etc.). But the login will not work. It will not display any error message, but will not let me into the dashboard.

Any advice is welcome! :slight_smile:

Hi there

the best thing would be to look for clues in the logs. You might be missing a PHP package, or a PHP setting. And we still can’t rule out that it’s a permissions/ownership problem.

What kind of access do you have in your hosting? Are you root? Do you have SSH access? Can you see the Apache logs (php_errors.log)?

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Hi pgr, thank you!

I enabled error logging in php.ini

display_errors = Off
log_errors = On
error_log = /xxx/yyy/php-errors.log

created the php_errors file:
sudo touch /xxx/yyy/php-errors.log
on creation, php-errors.log is owned by root, file permission 644

but when I try to login into SuiteCRM, it will not log and no error is registered at php_errors.log.

Perhaps I am missing something, any advice is appreciated. :slight_smile:



Please, what are the php functions that must be enabled for SuiteCRM to work? Cannot find a list of them.


I normally use this on Ubuntu:

apt install zip unzip php-mbstring php7.0-mbstring php-gettext php-xml-parser php7.0-zip php7.0-imap php7.0-gd php7.0-curl sendmail phpmyadmin

(And I add php-xdebug if I’m not on a production server.)

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Hi pgr,

thank you. I found out the issue was with modsecurity, which was blocking lougin.



For those interested in to this login issue, check here

Hope to have helped.