New in SuiteCRM

Hi to everybody,
I’m new on SuiteCRM and just trying to understand if it suits for me and my clients in Italy and southern Europe.
I am coming from a long term experience in Filemaker, but, even if the prices are increased very much in last months / years, they offer an assistance service less and less efficient and ready.
I am ready to do things myself, but not if I pay thousands of euros every years for an alliance group and for every license.
I am still awaiting a reply (nothing technical, but just an update about my financial situation) from Filemaker Europe and I wrote 1 week ago. Too much for a so high price yearly.

So I tried some CRM and I decided to give a chance to SuiteCRM, hope to find a way to understand how to develop something simple, and how to set up some simple modules.

I am open to any of your advice, I am not a by but a middle age man, even if I think my brain is still working ! :slight_smile:
I have just donwloaded last version and an italian translation, set up SMTP, logo, some info, and trying to test Suite.

Have you any important books to learn about SuiteCRM ?
Hope to hear from you soon


Welcome to SuiteCRM Community.
In SuiteCRM you will have plenty of options to customize. there are many add-ons available for both free and paid and the best thing is an active forum.
I would suggest go through step by step from

  1. User Guide
  2. Administrator Guide

I am sure you will feel comfortable after Admin guide & user guide. Do try this