New GUI for upcoming v8

Hi all

I follow the project with high interest and I must say that the day I will use suiteCRM comes nearer. Despite the feature richness I went for the ease of use of the VTiger GUI. Then II saw the sneak peek of the new GUI. This is what I consider a User Interface - not just a bunch of lists…

That said I might add one or two things:

  • bare in mind that people with color blindness and thelike also might use SuiteCRM, the GUI in the screenshot does not validate against AA or AAA
  • you might want to add a theme with high contrast (in addition to this nice theme from the sneak peek)
  • many companies use project and asset numberings. I feel it might be a good idea to have permanent filters e.g. in the history view. So within seconds one can track everything that relates to project 01234 by typing in “01234”. Prior to that one would be adding the prefix “01234” to the subject of entries (mail, tasks, calls, etc.) .

(UX designer)

Hi Roger,

Many thanks for that input, it is incredibly useful! Accessibility is key for us going forward and I fully agree with what you say.

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Remember you can also change the colors inside the theme. This certainly helps fix a few problems, but I’m not sure if it’s enough for your needs.

BTW, does anybody know what happened to that old SugarCRM feature where we could change the theme palette very easily on the main screen? I kind of liked that, made me try different looks every once in a while just to break the monotony.

See the top-right corner here
if you don’t know what I’m talking about…


I don´t have any need. But someone who does and has no further understanding of “computer stuff” might just use VTiger where he/she can change color schemes with one click :slight_smile:

What I want to say is that: in my opinion a piece of software should (out of the box) be designed in a way so it supports the user´s way of seeing things and encourages him/her to explore further by a logical easy to understand structure and a guiding way of UI Design (rather than just learning the few clicks he/she needs the most and sick to that). Those lists that dominate SuiteCRM v7.x are neither logically structured (other than “flat”) nor guiding. But you have obviously done a great step in the right direction with v8.

You might want to have a close look at VTiger´s UI (which is quite well designed) and learn from the few nasty failures they have (like jumping data fields in adjacent forms).

I wait for the day to leave VTiger behind and move on to REAL Open Source Software :slight_smile: