new grouped address fields: editviewdefs and field_to_name_array not working for auto-fill

Hello together

I added two new fields to the grouped address in accounts and contacts. Everything is working like a charm with one exception:

If I create a new contact and select a corressponding account, the accounts address is copied into the contacts address - but the two new fields are not.

According to a bunch of pages I edited my custom/modules/Contact/metadata/editviewdefs.php and added the following:

‘field_to_name_array’ =>
‘billing_address_pobox’ => ‘primary_address_pobox’,
‘billing_address_addon’ => ‘primary_address_addon’

I put this into the displayParams-array of the “primary_address_street” since this is the name of the grouped address field. The obvious repair and rebuild had no effect, the fields are not copied into the contacts address.

There is another way to achieve this, by overwriting the used JavaScrip code of the account-select-button (call_back_function), but this seems not very elegant to me.

I am using SuiteCRM v7.6.6 (Sugar 6.5.23 Build 1061)

Has anybody a hint for me?