New Google calendar events not syncing to SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM Docker My Version: v7.11.19 (Sugar v6.5.25 (Build 344))

I had 2-way fully working yesterday. Now I can’t get a NEW Google Calendar event to sync to SuiteCRM. Everything else seems to work:
-New meeting in SuiteCRM syncs to GoogleCalendar
-I can then go into GoogleCalendar, change date/time, and that syncs back to SuiteCRM
-I can delete the event in GoogleCalendar and it deletes in SuiteCRM

-Just ‘NEW’ GoogleCalendar events (I verified i’m using SuiteCRM GoogleCalendar!) do not sync to the SuiteCRM calendar.

It looks like your token has been expired and not refreshing correctly.
You may like to resync your calendar settings.
Please have database backups before any changes if do so.

Please do not hesitate to reach me if you need any assistance!

Ashish Dwivedi ( CTO at Outright Store).

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JUST before i read this, in desperation, i restored to a backup from 2 nights ago, and it is working again. So I’m not sure what this means as far as the token you are referring to (does that verify that maybe it didn’t expire, is what I’m wondering). If there’s a comparison I can do or something to check, let me know (I have backups of before/after, so i can compare).

Also, what is the proper process to resync the calendar settings? (In case it happens again).

Thanks! Fred