new forum to cover CRM best practices?

would it be a good idea to build somewhere in this forum (or a blog?)
a repository covering CRM best practices?

As an example I am faced on one issue: What do we do with deceased contacts?
I would not delete them because they might be part of the history of a device that we sold, might be nice that device with serial number 123 was first sold to M. X who passed away, and the device is now used by brother in law, etc… you see the point…

Some of our customers are quite old and this is a real fact of life for our sales team…


are you talking about CRM best practices as how to relate with customers in a comercial way, or SuiteCRM best practices on how to develop custom things for the system?

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interesting, my first thought was about how to use or adapt CRM for day to day events and exceptions (like death thing).

But the other twist you add is really interesting… although I believe the dev portion is already well take care of with “Developer Collaboration” forum.

It could also be a resource for my 4 sales managers, 2 of which I have to (always) push them to use CRM, and ideas like how to measure sales performance with CRM, reports templates etc…