New entries do not work in a migrated suitecrm

Just migrated from SugarCRM to SuiteCRM. It is found that new records can be created, and shown up in the list view, but does not show in the edit view. I tried by creating a new account. When I clicked the newly created record in the listview, nothing shows up. However, it works fine with the history records carried on from the previous SugarCRM.
Anyone can help me out?

could you please provide more info?
like screenshots, suite version, php version, ensuring permissions are correct, QRRB, etc

Unforunately, I returned to SugarCRM becuase the Suite does not work. Although I do not have the screenprints, it is found that the migaration updates the database by adding tables ending with ‘cstm’, e.g., ‘account-cstm’ while i did not find such tables in a non-migrated Suite. Whenever a new account is created, a record is added to this table. If I deletes this record, the newly created record will work fine, otherwise it can only be viewed in list not in Edit. Anything wrong with the migration?
I removed the non-migrated Suite too for some other reasons.

Please, explain the process of migration, did you use the Migration Pack provided by SuiteCRM?

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Yes, I used the migration pack downloaded from SuiteCRM. I used the update wizard to do the migration. All looked good during and after the migration.
When I created a new account, it was found the record was created and showed in the listview, but it showed nothing in the Edit View.
I checked the database. I found table names ‘account-cstm’ had a record for the account I just created. I deleted the record.
The newly created account record could be showed in Edit view. Well, the table ‘account-cstm’ is not in a clean installtion. I also tried Project, same problem.

Anyway, I sovled this problem by a clean installation of SuiteCRM7.7.7. Now, SuiteCRM works.

accounts_cstm is the custom stuff that you’ve added in studio, each time you create a field, the _cstm table is created for that module. Anyway, I’m glad you got it to work.

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