New custom scheduler gets deleted

Hello all

We are having here a strange situations. We are used to create a new set of custom schedulers (following the SuiteCRM guide) which worked fine until Novembre 2020 more or less.

All the functions of the new schedulers were introduced in a file in “suitecrm/custom/modules/Schedulers/Ext/ScheduledTasks/scheduledtasks.ext.php”.

When we introduce the funcionts in this file everything works fine… the problem is that after some time the file “scheduledtasks.ext.php” gets overwrote with a previous version, losing all the new custom functions we have included in it , and we need to write the code again to get the custom schedulers to work.

Any ideas about why we are getting the file “suitecrm/custom/modules/Schedulers/Ext/ScheduledTasks/scheduledtasks.ext.php” overwrote with an old version?, where can this old version of the file come from?

Thanks a lot guys, sorry, I know it is quite strange.


The file you should edit is under custom/Extension/, then the QR&R pulls that into custom/.../Ext/...

That’s what is happening to your file, whenever a QR&R occurs.

Thanks a lot, I have searched for the file in custom/Extension but did not find it in there. However following the advice I have placed it again in there to see if it does not get “overwrote” by the QR process.

Thanks so much!

It should be in


according to the Docs. It’s strange if you don’t have anything there, but then it shows up in the destination dir…

Ahh I saw what it happened.

My colleague created two files with the functions (one file per function), and I guess the system then moves all the functions to the file custom/modules/Schedulers/Ext/ScheduledTasks/scheduledtasks.ext.php.

Is this right?

Yes, the whole point of the Extension Framework system is to aggregate different parts into a coherent whole.

That way you can add some extensions, an add-on can add some others, etc.

Done!. Lets see if I can get rid of this issue!

Thanks a lot for the advice!

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