New custom field is not updated by sheduled job

I have added a new TextField custom filed called ‘Financial year and quarter’ in to the Opportunity module. This field should be updated by a sheduler job, calculating a value (2022-Q1) based on ‘Closed Date’.

The sheduler job works fine as long as this new field has been set a value by edit. But I need all the historic records to get updated. Why old records are not updating? TIA

    function updateFinancialYearQuarter()
	$GLOBALS['log']->info("----->Scheduler is about to update 'Financial year quarter' fields in Opportunities");
    $db = DBManagerFactory::getInstance();
	$query = "SELECT, opportunities.date_closed, opportunities_cstm.financial_year_and_quarter_e_c  FROM opportunities LEFT JOIN opportunities_cstm ON = opportunities_cstm.id_c WHERE opportunities.deleted = 0";
	$res = $db->query($query);

	while ($row = $db->fetchByAssoc($res)) 
        //Expected close date
        if (!empty($row['date_closed'])){
            $fyqCloseDate = getFinancialYearAndQuarter($row['date_closed']);
            $updateQuery = "UPDATE opportunities_cstm SET opportunities_cstm.financial_year_and_quarter_e_c = '".$fyqCloseDate ."' WHERE id_c = '".$row['id']."'"; 
            $db->query($updateQuery, true); 

	$GLOBALS['log']->info("----->Scheduler completed the job : updating 'Financial year quarter' fields in Opportunities");
	return true;

Update: I’m working on a fresh suitecrm instance and when I check the opportunities_cstm table, I can see only the records I have manually edited. So this is the reason, but why only the manually edited records are available in the opportunities_cstm? How to get all historic records into the opportunities_cstm table?