New CRM system for company

I have been looking for a good CRM system for your company for years. I have tried unsuccessfully a few products but not found the right solution for us. One major problems that’ve do not have a CRM in place so we are looking for some thing to start fresh with and learn and change our workflows around.
I have registered for but find then software a bit too complicated and very expensive.
I have also just registered for BaseCRM which seems really easy and slick.
I am also looking at suiteCRM and installing it on our hosted server. I have a price from my web developer for installation of SuiteCRM and quickCRM pro for the mobile app.

I would like to get some advice on whether SUITECRM is a better alternative to Base CRM .

Ultimately you should choose whatever best suits you … my observation about basecrm would be that it is style over substance

I agree with your comments and that’s what has really attracted me to the BaseCRM system.
It just seems so,simple to use an navigate.

I have 3 sales people who will have to start using this and if they find it complaciated then I feel the system will not get used.

I wish there was a way to do a trial of suiteCRM similar to what I have done and are doing with and BaseCRM.

I have’t seen any good YouTube reviews or tutorials for suiteCRM. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

The phrase lipstick on a pig would be a little cruel. My point was that it’s a good looking application that doesn’t do very much. Now, that may be what you need, but as you grow, the limitations will become obvious.

You can download and install SuiteCRM on your PC or Mac here: No technical skills needed